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Hey. Look.

Our new Web Series with Comedy Central is premiering on Monday.



Yall don’t understand how happy I am


Video: Chocolate Droppa Challenges Kendrick Lamar To A Freestyle Battle.

The reign of Chocolate returns to the battle rap scene, here we have the current king of stand-up Kevin Hart channeling Chocolate Droppa spitting a few bars facing off with King Kendrick to a rap off holdin no bars in his 2014 return to the ring. In his recent Facebook post, the comedian let fans know that this hot track, “That B*tch Ain’t Mine” is off his album that is set to release October 33rd. (exact date Chocolate said) Watch video above.


How come when New Yorkers and the North in general come up with something, they want a parade (I.e. Bobby Shmurda), but when the South was bouncing and snapping and rolling, we was fools. We was wack. C’mon mayne, y’all know Bobby ain’t hot!

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